WhatsApp is soon going to be Available in Urdu

WhatsApp is soon going to be Available in Urdu

Whatsapp that already supports usage 17 different languages is soon going to have Urdu as its 18th official language. With this soon WhatsApp user can also select Urdu as their default WhatsApp language and view its entire feature written in Urdu. Keep in mind that Urdu in the national language of Pakistan, which is world’s sixth most populated country of the world. So, this Urdu version as soon as will be made available on app store millions of WhatsApp users primarily from rural parts of the country will certainly utilize it, who finds it difficult to understand and utilize its feature in English.

This will also further increase WhatsApp usage from Pakistan and people residing in any parts of the world who can understand Urdu language. Also, this will also permit WhatsApp users to use all WhatsApp features in Urdu language, including posting Urdu WhatsApp status messages. You can get some awesome Love Whatsapp status messages from here. These statuses will allow to fully utilize the availability of new Urdu version of the world’s most widely used communication Smartphone app WhatsApp.

The Urdu version of WhatsApp is being translated by a group of volunteers lead by a person’s name Ahsan Saeed, who is basically a translation administrator. The team took up this idea a year ago and worked hard to execute this endeavor of translating the WhatsApp in Urdu, making available its entire feature in the Urdu language by default. According to the team lead on this project, “I translated 753 strings and moderated 2,089 strings in less than three months and made Urdu [the] 18th language in which WhatsApp for Android has been fully translated”.

Although, if we go through Whtasusage trends substantial users mainly based in Pakistan make use of an Urdu keyboard to be able to type and send messages in Urdu to other peoples. But, now soon this hefty user base residing in Pakistan, who loves to make WhatsApp conversation in their national language, will be able to it – without requiring third party keyboard apps.

As per reports, firstly the Urdu version is going to be made available for Android users in play store, but in the near future, it’s also going to be made available for Apple iOS and Windows phones. This objective is understandable as android in the most used Smartphone OS and will certainly lot more people to download and install WhatsApp in Urdu version.